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Training at EJJ

  • Conduct and Discipline Procedures

  • Health and Safety Regulations

  • Uniform Code

It's time for action!


Here starts your child's journey into Jiu Jitsu. Here you learn how practices happens, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.


Briefly go over these procedures and general rules to take the most out of your child’s time on the mats!


Kids must be on the mats before practice starts. Parents should drop kids off five to ten minutes before schedule. Don't forget, on time is late, early is on time. but not too early!


At the beginning of every practice, instructors will line up the class in belt/stripe rank order and proceed with a uniform inspection. The uniform is required to be straight and clean, belt on, tight, with the proper knot. Finger and toenails must be trimmed for class participation, for safety reasons.


"Creed, a set of beliefs or aims which guide someone’s actions".

Electric Jiu Jitsu students recite the students creed at the beginning of every class. Our students are expected not only to learn the words, but to practice these concepts in everyday life. These are the foundation of the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle.


“I shall respect my coaches, my parents and everyone else.
I shall never misuse Jiu Jitsu.
I will be a champion and always stand for freedom and justice.

I will endure the hardships, and never complain when I am tired.
I will build a better world by practicing empathy, gratitude and forgiveness”.




RESPECT – Be polite and treat everyone with dignity and kindness. ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself’.


MISUSE OF JIU JITSU – Never use Jiu Jitsu to attack someone, only use it for self-defense.
Always try to fix issues using words. Choose the correct words before you say them, and always say them in a calm manner. 


CHAMPION – The one who’s respectful and never misuses Jiu Jitsu.


FREEDOM – Is the right to have your own opinions, your own beliefs, your own tastes, your own dreams and goals. Be wise with your words. Always express yourself with education.


JUSTICE – Is different than punishing. Justice is to stand for the weaker, stand for what’s good and for what’s right.


EMPATHY – Is the ability to feel for others. It is to put yourself in someone else's place and care for their well-being. Never judge someone by their appearance. 


GRATITUDE – Is to be grateful for the small and simple things in life, like family, friends, food and those good moments that makes you smile.


FORGIVENESS – Is to forgive those who wrong us. Keep in mind, forgive is not for others, it is for yourself. Forgiving is not forgetting. It’s remembering without anger. It heals your mind, body and spirit.


Electric Jiu Jitsu Belt System consists of counting the student’s attendance by marking their presence on the attendance cards in order to earn 4 stripes and respecting the minimum wait period stipulated by IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) to be able to test to the next belt rank.

All belt levels require 20 lessons for each stripe promotion. After 4 stripes are earned, the student is illegible for the belt test. In a consistent attendance rate, kids should earn one stripe every three months and move up the belt rank once a year.​


The Belt test is a straight forward set of pre-established movements, techniques and sequences that students are required to perform according to their current level. If performed with perfection, the student graduates. All belt promotions are at the school’s Head Coach's discretion. Belt tests will be closely evaluated and promotion will only be earned under the highest standard​s.


In order to keep on track of attendance, promotions and accountability, we rely on our own attendance card system. The attendance card is designed to be marked by the student every time they show up for practice. Two dots should be marked each time, one in the calendar box and one in the promotion box. Whenever the student reaches a certain goal, promotion will be awarded. In the case of a belt test, the date will be scheduled for the test.


Tying the belt is one of the first lessons our kids learn. It is the first task our students are required to perform with precision on the belt test.


We have a long list of competition accomplishments and tittles under our belts. We encourage our students to test themselves as well as measure our methodology and technique out on the field.

In case of interest to initiate your child in competition, parents shall speak directly with the Coach in order to answer any questions parents may have, and orchestrate a group with the most students as possible to compete side by side as a team.

We encourage our kids to start competing at Jiu Jitsu World League. As the kids grow in confidence and experience we encourage them to compete at IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation). 



  • Jiu Jitsu Gi with EJJ Patches on and EJJ T-shirt or Rashguard underneath for all classes.

  • The Gi’s pants and jacket must be the same color.

  • For No Gi classes, the use of EJJ T- shirt or Rash Guard is required, only EJJ or Checkmat T-shirts will be allowed on the mat.

2. Bring Water. All children are required to bring their own bottle of water to stay hydrated and improve their performance during class. Give preference to a reusable water bottle or container to drink water. Let’s go green and cut down disposable containers and avoid excessive waste. (No sodas, juices or energy drinks allowed)

3. Arrive at the school at least five minutes before practice starts. 

4. Absolutely NO coaching your children or other students during class. 

5. The belt represents your child’s progress, it should always stay on. 

6. Refer to a black belt as Professor, and non-black belt instructors as Coach. 

7. If you are late, wait by the side of the mat for permission to enter from the Professor or Coach. 

8. To leave the mat or to leave the class early, you must acknowledge the Coach in charge. 

9. Properly cleaned Jiu Jitsu Gi is required for class participation. 

10. Proper hygiene must be maintained in acceptable standards. Excessive body odor, bad breath, long finger and toe nails, open wounds, ringworm, and other infections are strictly prohibited for everyone’s safety and comfort. 

11. Be respectful towards instructors, visitors, business neighbors, and other students at all times. 

12. Bow as a sign of respect before entering and exiting the mats.

13. Bow to your partner, looking them in the eyes and shake hands before and after every round. At the end of sparring, bow, shake hands firmly and praise your opponent saying "good job".

14. Place trash, bottles and used tape in the trash can. 

15. No electronic devices, shoes, food or drinks are allowed on the mat.

16. Keep noise volume to a minimum level, avoid conversation during class. Especially during sparring time for safety.

17. When the instructor is demonstrating the techniques, every student must sit or stand in good posture. 

18. Absolutely no foul language inside the school. 

19. All jewelry, earrings, necklaces or other such items should be removed for training.

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