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Electric Kids Program provides children the first steps they need towards living a safe, productive and healthy life, while learning self defense, getting in great shape, making friends, and having fun. As both a martial art and contact sport, this is a great opportunity for your child to learn how to persevere on the mats, so they can persevere in life. The program strays away from the “win/lose contest philosophy” and focuses on instilling a hard work ethic, a positive attitude, and a love for the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle. The Electric Kids Program will also instill a solid sense of discipline that can provide benefits beyond fitness and self-defense. Classes include techniques, physical drills, games and live training.

Juniors Jiu Jitsu
Basics & Games

Kids are introduced to Jiu Jitsu in an informal way, learning playful exercises based on the fundamental principals of the art. Playing and having fun, gradually the kids improve their mindset, skills, and discipline. Starting with games, train soon escalades for self-defense, bully proof techniques and sparring. Once they rank up and achieve maturity and level sufficient, they are invited to join the Kids Advanced Program.
Fundamentals & Self-Defense
Kids with the level of discipline and skills required to this program are introduced to a more elaborated training method, which teach to them a more refined and advanced fighting techniques and drills as well as fighting strategy and competition mindset.

What Our Students Are Saying

'Great environment for adults and kids alike! My sons (7 and 11) and I train here and can't say enough good things about this place. From Joao with the adults and the kids and all the training partners, everyone is friendly and helpful to newcomers. If you're looking to start training in BJJ, this is the place'.

Andrew Y. - Westminster, CA

'My son and I have been training here for years. Professor Joao is a word class black belt who loves to share his knowledge. The teaching is great with focus on technique. If you want a clean gym with a friendly atmosphere and great jiu jitsu, this is the place to be'.

Theresa E. - Huntington Beach, CA

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