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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu





Program focuses on the basics principals of leverage, basic skills, simple positions and transitions. These principals trigger the development of balance, coordination, strength and conditioning while you learn the most effective martial art in the world. It is a perfect training for beginners to introduce them to the Jiu Jitsu life style and also for those more advanced students that want sharpen their game.

Program as the name says it’s the best time to enjoy an energetic and technical training among the graded crew that practice everyday in the traditional morning session. Recommended for experienced students and competitors, exploring a flowing and modern Jiu Jitsu that makes it a perfect option for those who’s determinate to reach the highest Jiu Jitsu level, the black belt.

What Our Students Are Saying

'I came into Electric Jiu-Jitsu not knowing much about the school as far as the dynamics of the school atmosphere only aware that Joao Assis is a top tier Black belt and one of the best in the world in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and part of the famed Checkmat Team. I have been fortunate to learn from a variety of different Jiu-Jitsu teachers from Legends to top Black belts. Even though I haven't been at the school for a long time. I already can gauge that this school is top notch. From the great team camaraderie and mutual respect between the students to the Excellent, world class and Patient instruction from Joao assis. As well as the technical and intense training sessions. This place has it all. You really can't go wrong with EJJ. Come see for yourself and try it out. You won't regret it'.

Robby T. - Long Beach, CA

'Had A Great Week At Electric Jiu Jitsu

I came to LA from Brazil for the worlds and have been hanging back since then. I trained this past week with Joao assis and his guys and had a great time. Joao himself was extremely welcoming and also showed some great techniques and also some solid BJJ principles that I will carry with me in the future. The rest of the guys there were also really friendly and made me feel like I was part of the team from day one. To sum it all up Electric has great BJJ instruction, a group of high level players and a great atmosphere. I highly recommend it!'

Itamar M. - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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