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Parents, we want to highlight your child’s commitment, dedication and discipline. We truly believe on his/her potential, after the least of 120 lessons that takes to earn four stripes on their belt, period where they’ve gone through all the training system based on our curriculum. We want your child to step up his/her game and test for the next belt level. Sure, that with extra work, focus and study, they can make it and even ace the test to get the belt certificate with the honor and merit stamp.



Belt promotions will happen on the second or third week of April, August and December. On the 15th day of the prior months, March, July and November, belt tests start being booked. Talk to our front desk to learn details about the next belt test.



              Belt test consists of a list of techniques the child will perform to hit a high score to pass the minimum requirement, the child must display confidence and complete knowledge of the movements being applied.


              The minimum score required to pass the test is 80 points or over. At 100 points, acing the test, the student will be awarded the belt certificate with honor and merit.


              The test consists in two parts. In the first part, kids must know how to tie their belt, recite the creed and perform the mobility/strength drills flawlessly as requirement to start the test. No hints or any help are given or allowed at this stage. If the kid commits any mistake or poorly performs the movements, requiring help or hints to accomplish the technique or drill, the test won’t even start, it will be cancelled and rebooked to a further date, until the student have practiced enough to feel secure and confident to fulfill the requirements and perform highly with no doubts.


              The second part of the test are the subsequent 10 questions, worth 10 points each. If hints are given, as penalty, the question still count 5 points, only three hints are allowed per question. If the instructor has to demonstrate the technique, the question will be voided.



We take ultimate pride on our teachings and reputation among the Jiu Jitsu community. We  expect nothing but full commitment and dedication from our staff and students during practice and promotion tests, to insure the highest level and evolution of the sport.

A study guide is available at EJJ, get yours at ELECTRIC JIU JITSU to get ready for the test. take private lessons if you think you need an extra work. Ask at the front desk for coach's availability for privates.


Don’t let anything stop the development of your child at this stage. With discipline he/she can make it, and more importantly; in high fashion. See you at practice!!!

See you in class!

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